Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Randall MTS Series

Randall MTS Series RM1250U 50W Rackmount Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

Real analog tube circuitry recreates actual tones of the most sought after classic and modern tube amps of yesteryear and today.

Randall pulls out all the stops with the MTS Series RM1250U 50W Rackmount Tube Guitar Amp Head, an impressive and powerful modular amp to let you customize your sound and style as you see fit. Designed in conjunction with Egnater, the RM1250U features 12-module bays, and 12 channels for vast tonal range.

The 50 watt RM1250 is the one of the most impressive members of the acclaimed Randall MTS Series of modular all-tube amplifiers. It's been designed specifically to house 12 hot swappable MTS modules and permit the player to switch between them using the front panel or floor switch. The RM1250 handles up to 12 Randall MTS Modules thus allowing access to a staggering amount of guitar tones that previously would have only been available by using 12 different amplifiers; a financial burden beyond the reach of many studios.

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