Sunday, April 25, 2010

Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation-V

Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation-V Electric Guitar Annihilator Red

Epiphone has a long history of supplying some of the greatest guitarists of all time with the electric guitar they need to excel. That history continues with the Annihilation-V, a Flying V guitar made in cooperation with acclaimed guitarist, Jeff Waters. Prestigiously ranked at #3 in Joel McIver's 2009 book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists, Jeff and his band Annihilator have been shredding audiences worldwide for years, and now he's ready to take it up a notch with what he calls "The Ultimate Metal Guitar!"

Like any exceptional electric guitar, the Epiphone Annihilation-V starts with great tonewoods and construction. The neck is solid mahogany joined to a solid mahogany body using a traditional deep-set, Flying-V neck joint that's hand-fitted and glued in place for optimum tone and sustain. For lightning-fast performance, the Epiphone guitar's neck features a "D" profile SlimTaper neck and a 24-fret phenolic fingerboard that not only allows a full 2 octaves of range per string, but also an ultra-smooth and extremely durable surface.

At the heart of any great guitar are great pickups and this Epiphone Flying V guitar is no exception. Designed specifically for Jeff by Epiphone engineers, and made by Gibson USA's world-famous pickup division, the Epiphone Annihilation-V features custom JWT (Jeff Waters Treble) and JWR (Jeff Waters Rhythm) 4-wire humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions, respectively. Overwound and featuring a Ceramic-8 magnet, the Epiphone Annihilation-V's JWT bridge humbucker can deliver the right combination of crunch and growl without ever losing it's enhanced lows and crystal clear highs. The JWR neck pickup features an Alnico-II magnet that provides vintage tone with great sustain and clarity along with the right combination of power and warmth. Together, the two pickups offer the perfect combination of crunch and clean. Controlling the 2 perfectly matched humbuckers is a set of simple yet powerful controls that offer incredible versatility. The Epiphone Annihilation-V guitar's master volume control is also a push/pull control allowing you to split the coils of the 2 humbuckers for a brighter, single-coil sound while keeping them noise-free. The 3-way toggle in combination with the coil-splitting allows you up to 8 different tonal combinations ranging from a one single-coil to full-on humbucker assault. A momentary kill button cuts off the output for additional effects.

Other upgrades to the Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation-V electric guitar include Grover 14:1 ratio tuners, Epiphone StrapLocks, Epiphone LockTone Tune-O-Matic/stopbar combination, "Annihilator Devil" inlay on the 12th fret, and Jeff Water's signature on the back of the guitar headstock.

Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation-V Electric Guitar Features:

* Body material: mahogany
* Neck material: mahogany
* Neck shape: 1960s SlimTaper "D" profile
* Neck joint: deep-set, glued-in
* Scale length: 24-3/4"
* Fingerboard: phenolic, with custom Annihilator Devil inlays
* Neck pickup: Gibson USA JWR Humbucker (4-wire)
* Bridge pickup: Gibson USA JWT Humbucker (4-wire)
* Controls: 3-way pickup selector, master volume with push/pull coil-splitting (both pickups), momentary killbutton
* Pickup selections:
* 1) Neck humbucker
* 2) Bridge humbucker
* 3) Neck/Bridge humbucker
* 4) Neck single-coil
* 5) Bridge single-coil
* 6) Neck/Bridge single-coil
* 7) Neck humbucker/Bridge single-coil
* 8) Neck single-coil/Bridge humbucker
* Frets: 24, medium-jumbo
* Bridge: LockTone Tune-O-Matic/stopbar
* Nut width: 1-11/16" (graphite)
* Hardware: Black
* Machine heads: Grover, 14:1 ratio
* Includes: hardshell guitar case (940-EVCS)

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