Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rogue G5 Guitar Amp Pack SAVE (72%)

Rogue G5 Guitar Amp Pack Black

Rogue G5 Guitar Amp Pack Black


MSRP: $179.97 You Save: $129.98 (72%)

The Rogue Accessory Pack includes all of the essential items that every electric guitarist could want, whether it's to protect and to enjoy their instrument. There's even an instructional Guitar & Bass DVD from Rock House!The new Rogue G5 is a battery-powered guitar amp designed to be easy to carry and provide adequate volume wherever you go.The Rogue G5 guitar amp can be powered by a simple 9V battery or the supplied DC power adapter, making it an obvious choice for amplifying your guitar when a power source isn't available.Adjustments include a switch to jump between a clean or overdriven sound, master volume and tone controls, headphone out and on/off switch.

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