Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Plaintop Reissue VOS

Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Plaintop Reissue VOS Electric Guitar Autumn Burst

Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Plaintop Reissue VOS Electric Guitar Autumn Burst

The Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Reissue Electric Guitar is a beautiful Les Paul, and with its correct historical serial number, you'll want in your collection. In 1960, the Les Paul Standard still had the flame maple top, sunburst finish and BurstBucker pickups of its predecessors with an added slim-tapered neck for a decidedly different feel. This 1960 Les Paul Reissue has a plaintop with Autumn Burst finish, yet still captures the essence of the original guitar accurately and in great detail. This Limited Edition features an exact duplication of the neck pitch set to 1960 specs, and a rare Autumn Burst finish.

Using a combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and modern technology, the luthiers of the Custom Shop painstakingly reproduce the key elements that define cool, vintage musical instruments: stunning looks, flawless playability, and unsurpassed tone. Solid mahogany back, historically accurate long neck tenon for superior strength and sustain, period correct neck profiles, hardware and electronics, and 100% nitrocellulose lacquer are all part of this special Gibson Custom Shop guitar. Gibson includes a hardshell case with your 1960 Les Paul Plaintop Reissue.

Gibson's Custom Shop produces some of the finest electric guitars on earth. Using the best materials money can buy, a staff of skilled luthiers reproduce some of the greatest Gibsons of the past and create stunning new instruments for players and collectors who demand the best.

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