Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Ukulele

Lanikai Kp-B Kanikapila Baritone Ukulele Satin Natural

Lanikai Kp-B Kanikapila Baritone Ukulele Satin Natural

Kanikapila means lets play music, and playing music is an important tradition in Kohala and all over Hawaii. With the Kohala KP-B Kanikapila Baritone Ukulele you get everyting you need to start having fun. The KP-B is a Kohala uke calibrated for sweet sound and comes complete with a convenient clip-on tuner, a gig bag, and an instruction book that'll get you strumming in no time.The Baritone is the largest of the ukulele sizes and has a much deeper sound than other ukulele sizes. Tuning on this size is the same as the top four strings of a guitar (D-G-B-E).Baritone Sized UkuleleMahogany ConstructionChrome Plated Diecast Tuning MachinesBody and Neck Binding, Includes Custom Kohala Gig BagClip-on Ukulele Tuner and Kohala Instruction Booklet

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