Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Danelectro Wild Thing Baritone

Danelectro Wild Thing Baritone Electric Guitar Black

Danelectro Wild Thing Baritone Electric Guitar Black

This thing is so wild we're hard-pressed to come up with a guitar that has a longer, pointier lower bout than the newly-designed Danelectro Wild Thing Baritone electric guitar. The swirling white pickguard accentuates the body's radical curvature and its contrast with the body finish imparts a distinct yin/yang vibe. Of course Danelectro has long been the instrument of choice for musicians who want to make a bold, distinctive visual statement with its bottle-shaped headstock and lipstick pickups while taking advantage of the Danelectro's easy playability and a price tag that won't cause financial meltdown.

The Wild Thing Baritone has an extended scale 27" neck. That longer neck scale provides greater string tension, which lets you play in lower tunings than are possible with a shorter scale neck where low tunings often result in "floppy" strings that don't stay in tune.

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