Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gibson 2011 SG Standard

Gibson 2011 SG Standard Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst

The SG Standard is an iconic design that is so good, so right, so rock-n-roll that it (temporarily) obsoleted the Les Paul model- 50 years ago. The warm tone of all-mahogany neck and body is punctuated by a Baked Maple fingerboard for improved articulation and a smooth, fast feel. Although it looks like a medium-brown rosewood, it sounds more like ebony. Alnico II humbuckers deliver classic Gibson tone.

Baked Maple:
Aging maple through a “baking” process called torrefaction. The wood is kept at 200-300ยบ F for a period of time until the wood knows it’s no longer a tree; Moisture is restored under pressure. This makes the wood very hard, sonically “live” and extremely stable. The snappy sound of ebony, with the look of medium-brown pau ferro. Many boutique manufacturers are now using this because it improves the wood with no chemical treatment, it’s environmentally friendly and is great for making better sounding and playing guitars!

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