Friday, September 23, 2011

Zoom G2.1DM - Dave Mustaine Hand-Signed Signature Edition Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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Metal guitar legend Dave Mustaine has joined forces with Zoom to bring you the ultimate metal guitar effects pedal, personally hand-signed by Dave Mustaine himself! G2.1DM Signature Edition incorporates 50 patches created by Mustaine with sounds that span his remarkable career. From the heavy, driving distortions on Rust in Peace

to the distinctive lead tones on Countdown to Extinction, G2.1DM lets you play like a metal icon. Quantities of this collectible, autographed version of the G2.1DM are extremely limited—only 100 are available!

The pedal also includes 50 of Mustaine's favorite patches from Zoom's popular G2.1Nu. G2.1DM offers 100 killer patches right out of the box and lets you create and save up to 100 more right on the pedal.

Heavy-metal construction
G2.1DM was constructed with Mustaine's personal style and taste in mind. The pedal features custom designed body graphics created by Mustaine. Its sturdy metal chassis allows the G2.1DM to withstand the rigors of the road, yet it's small enough to fit into a guitar case. Wherever you need it: on tour, in the studio or at rehearsals, G2.1DM is ready to rock.

Custom expression pedal accelerates your play
G2.1DM features a uniquely designed, custom expression pedal modeled after the accelerator of Mustaine's British sports car. The pedal, with its PEDAL ASSIGN key, makes it easy to select the effect you want to control on any patch. Effect on/off switching is also possible by fully depressing the pedal.

Extra Metal...
Every pedal comes with a Dave Mustaine signature guitar pick, postcard and replica backstage pass from Megadeth's Peace Sells... But Who's Buying Tour.

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